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PALRO Recreation

PALRO Recreation is...
Recreation guided by PALRO in which users can enjoy moving their bodies and
using their voices in a relaxed way.
A recreation consists of five categories of contents, has a duration of
20 to 30 minutes, and is designed to be used with a group of people.
Contents (hereafter, activities) to be performed can be selected from
dozens of kinds, can be freely combined and a schedule
can be planned one month in advance.
* PALRO Recreation is a special function only available in the PALRO Business Series.

Recreation scenario

PALRO performs a recreation according to the scenario in the figure below.


*1: Actions during "Intermission" are performed if PALRO still has battery remaining at that time.
During "Intermission", PALRO demonstrates a wide range of performances, such as showing off his walks, special dances and so on, which are different from routine.
*2:You can enjoy panoramic version of this photo. Whether to take acommemorative photo or not can be set using PALRO Fwappar.

Activities as at Aug 07, 2018.



PARLO will give you a quiz. Guess the right answer.
Animal quiz / Showa era quiz
/ The best in Japan Yes-No quiz
Trivia quiz / Animal sound quiz / Finding-the-lacked-number- quiz
Outsider quiz
/ Sumo Yes-No quiz
/ Food Yes-No quiz  
Prefecture name quiz / General geography quiz
/ What-day-is-this-day quiz
Animal Yes-No quiz / Speaking-backwards quiz / Four-character word quiz
Historical person quiz
/ Geography of Japan quiz
/ Guessing-a-date-from-a-pun quiz
World heritage quiz / History Yes-No quiz /  Finding-the-same-thing quiz (time version)  
Sports quiz / Prefeetual Yes-No quiz / Finding-the-same-thing quiz (animal version)  
Fish Yes-No quiz / Yakitori Yes-No quiz      


Finding-the-lacked-number- quiz



Let's copy PARLO and do exercises.
Aloha exercise
/ Arm-raising exercise
/ Window-cleaning exercise
Sumo exercise
Shoulder tapping exercise
/ Thigh-raising exercise
Getting up exercise
/ Rolling over exercise / Ha! -ha! -ha! exercise

Bathroom exercise
/ Spinning exercise
/ Banzai exercise (side stretch version)
Walking exercise / Mealtime exercise
Banzai exercise (vocalization version)
Stretching exercise / Serving tea exercise / Banzai exercise (forward bending version)  
Meal exercise
/ Oral Function exercise / Deep breathing exercise(Hawaiian yoga version)  



Let's dance to the music with PARLO.
Tanko-bushi / Soran-bushi
/ Huyugesiki
/ Kamome no Suihei-san
/ Hamabe no Uta
Kintaro / Oborozukiyo
/ Hakone Hachiri
/ Home, Sweet Home
/ Oedo Nihonbashi
/ Fuji no Yama
/ Natsu wa Kinu / Ware ha Uminoko / Kojo no Tsuki
/ Hinomaru no Hata
/ Tyoutyou
/ Aa Jinsei ni Namida Ari     
Oshogatsunew Nanatsu no konew / Antagatadokosanew / Medaka no Gakkounew  
Yuyakekoyakenew / Kagome kagomenew          

Comic storytelling


PARLO performs comic storytelling.
Jugemu / Kechi no Kanazuchi / Tokisoba / Yakan / Motoinu / Tanuki no Satsunew / Hatutenjinnew