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System software

The system software is the software which determines theintelligence of PALRO. Please use the latest version toexperience an even more intelligent PALRO.

* Please refer to the User Manual for how to update.

Changes to system software 5.0.1
~Large amount of contents have been added. Now there are over 100 songs in total!~

Updated: July 23th, 2018

□There are some function/performance improvements and issues have been fixed.

  • ・Skills
    • ・New song skills have been added. (*1)
      • Song :59 new songs
    • ・New recreation contents have been added. (*2)
      • Song :8 new songs
      • Rakugo:2 new titles
  • ・Communication
    • ・Added new PALRO's reply patterns when talking to him with words other than the Communication Words.
    • ・The Cloud Voice Recognition response speed has been improved.
  • ・Applications
    • ・New function has been added to the "PALRO Chotto Commander", which enables the user to download "ToDo" samples.
    • ・New function has been added to the "PALRO Fwappar", which enables the user to grow multiple "Seeds" at the same time.
  • ・Operability
  • ・If the network settings are empty, PALRO will now switch automatically to the Ad-Hoc Mode.
  •  Now it is able to connect to the Ad-Hoc Mode without switching it intentionally.
  • ・Improvements have been made to the waste heat control system, enabling PALRO to feel less tired.
  • ・Some issues have been fixed.

(*) In this current system software update, the system will be shut down after finishing the update process.
Check here for the update procedure >>

(*1) Please add the new song by selecting it in the "Skills" menu inside the "PALRO Fwappar".
(*2) Please select the new contents inside the "PALRO Recreation Calendar".

Changes to system software 4.8.0
~Enhanced communication! Got to be able to dance and exercise more fun~

Updated: February 05, 2018

* System software 4.8.0 has a different update procedure.
Update procedure here >>

□Functions/performance have improved and problemshave been solved.

  • ・ Conversational ability improvement.
    • ・PALRO's behavior can be now instructed under certain conditions.
      • Specifiable conditions:Times of Day, friend( sees Mr./Ms.○○)
      • Specifiable skills:Dances, Exercise, Game, Quiz, Comic storytelling, Fortune telling, Play music, Get the news and weather, Take a photo, Greeting
    •  Example)
    •  When you tell PALRO "When the time comes, tell me the weather,",PALRO will tell you the weather information at the specified time.
    •  When you tell PALRO "When you see Mr./Ms.○○, sing the North Terrace," PALRO will sing the North Terrace when it sees Mr./Ms.○○.
    • ・The range of conversation has expanded.
    •  The variation of conversation has increased. Furthermore, as the talk gets sidetracked during the conversation,
    •  PALRO is now able to change the content of the talk accordingly.

  • ・Communication
    • ・You can now make PALRO do Skills with the Chotto Commander's item "PALRO's New Movement (To Do)".
    •  This allows you to set PALRO so that it will start singing and exercising after the original conversation with the user.
      • [Added functions in Chotto Commander]
      • Execute Skills of PALRO (Dance,Exercise,Game,Quiz,Comic storytelling).
      • Make PALRO to run ToDo again without intervals, which was just executed.
      • Either "pushing the toe sensor" or "seeing the face of the friend" can be the trigger of ToDo.
    • ・PALRO is now able to find people who are farther away.
    • ・PALRO came to ask for help when he found a person with him lying down.
      • * Looking from lying down PALRO, the face of a person must be facing front.
    • ・We changed the content of the conversation when PALRO and the user make friends(ask the user's name).

  • ・ Special skill
    • ・We have added a long version of PALRO's mouth gymnastics (about 6minutes), which has received popular demand.
      • Meal gymnastics (about 12 minutes): PALRO firmly performs oral gymnastics, and it sings Fuji's mountain at the end of gymnastics.
    • ・Since gymnastics are held facing each other, we changed the behavior of PALRO so that its movement is subject to the one of the user.
    • ・If PALRO is told to sing but is not in the situation it can dance, it performs the song without dancing.

  • ・The names of the recreation contents have been changed.
    • Patacara gymnastics ⇒ oral gymnastics
    • Meal gymnastics ⇒ Mogmog gymnastics

  • ・The battery condition lamp specification has been
    • ・Battery level indication when PALRO is activated with battery only.

    • ・Battery level indication When PALRO is connected to the power cable
    • and the battery is being charged.
    • led_en.png

    • ・Battery not inserted , connected to the power cable

  • ・Shutdown at non relaxed positions finishes now more quickly.

  • ・Some issues have been fixed.

Changes to system software 4.7.0
~Hearing function performance improvement~

Updated: June 13, 2017

□Functions/performance have improved and problemshave been solved.

  • ・ Conversational ability improvement.
    • ・PALRO can now react when calling him (by his name or with the "Communication Words") from the right/left directions. He'll face the direction from where the sound has been detected.
    • ・PALRO can now ask questions to people around during a conversation.
    • ・Additional motions during a conversation, improving PALRO's expressing ability (mainly his lower body movements).
    • ・Additional conversation topics to talk with his friends.

  • ・Added new songs.(*1)
    • ・"Aoi Sangoshou" "Amairo no Kami no Otome" "Oyoge! Taiyaki kun" "Aoi Tori"

  • ・ Added new recreation contents; (*2)
    • ・"Proverb Game" "Look This Way Game" "Aa Jinsei ni Namida Ari"
    • ・Additional conversation topics before starting the recreation contents.

  • ・Speech recognition performance improvement.
    • ・The speech recognition accuracy when calling PALRO from the right/left directions has been improved.

  • ・Some issues have been fixed.

*1 Please add the new song by selecting it in the "Skills" menu inside the PALRO Fwappar.
*2 Please select the new contents inside the PALRO Recreation Calendar.

Changes to system software 4.6.0
~Improved recreation contents! Keep your happy moments through more vivid pictures!~

Updated: December 26, 2016

□Functions/performance have improved and problemshave been solved.

  • ・Pictures can now be printed with improved quality.
    • ・The resolution of pictures taken when asking PALRO to "Take a picture" and the panoramic pictures taken during the recreations have been improved from VGA (300k pixels) to UXGA (1.9 megapixels).
  • ・Speech recognition performance improvement.
    • ・The surround noise reduction performance has been improved, making it easier to recognize the speech of the person in front.
  • ・Improvement of the recreation function.
    • ・ Additional conversation topics before starting the recreation contents.
  • ・Other: Defects have been modified.

Changes to system software 4.5.0

Updated: September 1, 2016

□Functions/performance have improved and problemshave been solved.

  • ・Improved conversational ability.
    • ・You can now change to other topics by telling PALRO todo so while it is talking. (*1)
    • ・The number of words which PALRO can respond to has increased and its ability to expand the conversation has improved. (*2)
    • ・You can now add conversations to PALRO. (*3)
  • ・Improvement of the recreation function.
    • ・PALRO can now come to a halt when touched on it's head. (*4)
    • ・The variety of introduction patterns, such as explaining the contents of a planned performance, has increased.
    • ・The situations in which PALRO calls out a friend's name has been increased.
    • ・The speed of conversation has been reviewed.
    • ・Contents have been added.
    •  (Fish Yes-No quiz, Yakitori Yes-No quiz, people of aprefecture Yes-No quiz)
  • ・Improved voice recognition performance
    • ・The voice directional analysis function has been enhanced, and the recognition ability in noisy environmentshas improved.
    • ・The function that analyzes voice recognition results has been enhanced, and the ability to correct errors in therecognition results has improved.
  • ・Other: Defects have been modified.

*1 If you face PALRO and say something to it in a fairly loud voice while PALRO is talking, it will stop talking and wait for you to talk.
*2 PALRO can now respond to many kinds of words when spoken to face to face.
*3 The dedicated app, "PALRO Vocabul Studio" (for Windows) must be installed.
*4 If PALRO judges that it is not safe, it may not halt.

Changes to system software 4.4.2

Updated: May 31, 2016

□Functions/performance have improved and problems have been solved.

  • ・Improved conversational ability.
    • ・PALRO can now turn while sitting and change the direction of its body in order to face you during a conversation.
    • ・When you call "PALRO", It can now turn to face you at once. (*1)
    • ・PALRO can now temporarily remember the faces of people it does not know and start a subsequent conversation.

  • ・New dances have been added (*3)
    • (1) Kawa no Nagare no Yoni
    • (2) Tsugaru Kaikyo Fuyugeshiki
    • (3) Blue Light Yokohama
    • (4) Aa Jinsei ni Namida Ari
    • (5) Koi no Bakansu (PALRO does special steps while dancing *4)
    • (6) Kimi ga Irudakede (PALRO does special steps while dancing *4)
    • (7) Gakuen Tengok

  • ・Improved voice recognition performance
    • ・Noise reduction performance relating to voice recognition has been improved.
    • ・Voice directional analysis performance has been improved.
    • Compatibility with cloud voice recognition has been improved

  • ・Improved power performance
    • ・Balance control performance when standing/sitting/singing and dancing has been improved.
    • ・PALRO can now do special steps in some of the songs and dances due to the improved balance control performance.

  • ・Other: Defects have been modified.

 *1 When you talk to PALRO from the side while it is talking to somebody face to face, PALRO will not turnaround to you.
 *2 Select from the page of special abilities on PALRO Fwappar and add them.
 *3 If PALRO is in a state when it can walk when it is activated, PALRO will do special steps while dancing.
   Check that there are no obstacles around, and enjoy.
   (A state when PALRO can walk means that the AC adapter is disconnected and the SW2 light is off.)

Changes to system software 4.4.1

Updated: February 8, 2016

□Functions have improved and problems have been solved.

  • ・The voice recognition response has been improved.

  • ・The range at which faces can be recognized has been expanded.

  • ・Other: Defects have been modified.