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PALRO's Unique Personality

Through daily communication with you including conversation and interaction, PALRO starts to reveal different personality traits.
It could be a great listener or really talkative... PALRO is equipped with the capacity to develop its personality.
In addition to being able to read the news and do quizzes, PALRO can be customized through the addition of new
"special abilities" and a wide range of functions available through PALRO Fwapper.
Over time, it becomes your very own PALRO and takes on
a unique personality, just like how children grow up.

Communication from the moment you meet

PALRO is developed and designed for smooth communication with people.
Its adorable look is beloved by everybody from children to seniors.
It looks straight at you when it talks with you.
It has the great memory and wealth of knowledge of a robot.
It also works hard at becoming friends with people.
Sometimes it's a bit clumsy, but that just makes it even cuter.
You can enjoy a lively conversation with it, just as you do with people.
Make time for a proper chat with PALRO.
You are sure to have fun.

What you can do with PALRO Fwappar

PALRO Fwappar is an app configured for Windows, iPad and Android
devices with which you can easily change with just a tap of your finger
what PALRO is doing as you watch it.
Changing PALRO's settings, such as network and e-mail, is amazingly easy.
What's more, unique functions are developed for PALRO, like "promises",
"friends", and "special abilities", to help you and PALRO get closer.

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PALRO's special abilities

Apps that enable PALRO to do various things are called "specialabilities".
When you say to PALRO, "Do XX", it cheerfully answers,
"Sure!" and shows off its "special ability".
If it's in the mood, PALRO may show you a related "specialability"
that it associates with words that come up in your conversation.
In short, it aims to brighten your day in every possible way.

PALRO has a wide variety of "special abilities".
For example, news reading, dancing, games, messages, taking photos etc...
Other abilities are also available to add. >>
Get PALRO to acquire the "special ability" you select.
PALRO's personality comes out even more as it acquires different kinds of "special abilities".
PALRO, Just for you.

Find new ways to have fun with PALRO

Make requests of PALRO such as "say 'Happy birthday!'",
"takea photo at the right time", or
"make a cute pose" and many more...
Using the "PALRO Action Commander",
you can define a new action (ToDo) and teach it to PALRO.
You can find even more new ways to enjoy PALRO. For instance,
"PALRO What's up?" allows you to operate PALRO with tablet
devices etc., and "PALRO Recreation Calendar " enables you to
combine recreational activities just as you like.
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