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Giving you more information about PALRO.PARLO Garden__G01.png



PALRO Vocabul Studio

Let's give PALRO knowledge using the
PALRO Vocabul Studio.

What is PALRO Vocabul Studio?
PALRO Vocabul Studio is an app for
getting PALRO to acquire various information
in the form of conversational knowledge ("Talk").

Let's make PALRO learn to Talk

In PALRO Vocabul Studio, Talk is created by linking together
"talk/ask" and entering text that you want PALRO to say.

sign.pngPALRO's conversation will expand more by setting the properties of Talk.

Select a category and genre which are
suitable for the conversation created.
PALRO puts together a conversation
based on the genre according to the situation.
Keyword (hashtag) links Talk that belongs to different
genres together by designating common hashtags.
This expands PALRO's conversation even further.