Hybrid AI

FUJISOFT's robot communication technology

2.pngWe developed a unique hybrid AI system to create real conversations between robots and humans.
PALRO's original front-end AI technology continuously controls PALRO's communication with people,
and the cloud AI carries out processes like analysis and interpretation that require vast calculation
PALRO's increased intelligence comes through being controlled by these two types of
AI according to each situation, and this has made it possible to create conversations
that make its communication natural.

There are many things that keep people interested in continuing conversations.
It is not just a matter of simply exchanging words. They must be facing the other
person, use appropriate intonation and leave appropriate gaps between words, and
gesture at the right time and pace for each conversation.

If you can use your knowledge and experience created by past events and
memories, information about the other person's interests and so on, they will get a favorable
impression of you and feel more secure.

If the conversation lacks these elements it can feel uncomfortable and unnatural.
A high powered front-end AI is essential when creating natural, humanlike conversations.