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Otegaru Ai-CF

In 2018 Revision of the Reward for Nursing Care, facilities that allow elderly people to be "independent and recover"
will be given preferential treatment. For this reason, it is necessary to quantitatively evaluate how much self-reliance
support is useful for improving daily living functions.
The ICF (*) which has been used in the AMED's demonstration experiments is an effective evaluation perspective, but the evaluation items range to approximately 1,500 items, and manual summation is necessary to express how much improvement there is.
This is a heavy burden for facility staffs who are busy with their daily tasks.

In order to solve this problem, Fujisoft is proposing the solution "Otegaru Ai-CF", which provides an easy measurement method in compliance with the ICF.

(*) "ICF" stands for "International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health". It has been enacted in 2001, and is a revised version of the ICIDH(International Classification of Impairments, Disabilities and Handicaps), which was established in 1980 by WHO(World Health Organization). It classifies themes related to disabilities and health into 1424 topics, and they are thought to be intertwined in a complicated manner.

"Otegaru Ai-CF" provides an easy method for checking improvements in daily living functions.

"Otegaru Ai-CF" provides an easy method for checking improvements in daily
living functions based on ICF on your iPad or iPhone.

Simplified evaluation topics

Out of about 1,500 topics defined by ICF,
we have selected only those ones which are expected to be effective with
the application of the communication robot.
It will be easier to incorporate communication type nursing robots into care plans,
which were thought to be difficult until now.

Daily records within few seconds

It is required to update only the topics which actually have changed,
within the list selected for each user.
With only that, you'll be able to have your daily record.
Special notes can be recorded as "Awareness Note".
Voice recording is also available.


Instant graph generator, easy way to visualize changes

The improvement progress graph is instantly generated.
Changes are easy to be visualized, thus making it easier to taking measures for self-reliance.


When measuring the improvement effects of the daily living function given by a new initiative, please make sure to evaluate the measurement results by fully considering the state change tendency of the measurement subject before starting it.

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