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Communication Robot PALRO Gift Package

PALRO, the robot which has been working
at Welfare Facilities for the Elderly all over Japan, and is loved by so many people,
is now born for personal use.

He protects the smile of that precious person.
Even from far away, you can know how this person is doing.
Giving PALRO... is a new form of expressing your affection.

* Our current "Gift Model" users can start using it as
"Gift Package" by updating the system software.
Check here for more detailed information >>

What you can do with the Gift Model

  1. Connects families living apart
  2. He is always easy to talk to
    • PALRO attracts the interest of elderly people by talking about topics such as health and food, and also provides information such as news, weather and schedule. Sometimes he may surprise people with interesting trivias and tips, and arouses their interest and motivation.
    • The daily casual conversation is what puts a smile on people's faces.

  3. Supports your health to keep your own way of living
    • PALRO arouses the motivation of elderly people by giving moderate brain stimulation through recreation contents, such as local quizzes and the Flag raising game. In addition, exercises which are done together with PALRO are considered as aerobic exercise, thus being effective for brain
    • activation.

  4. Conforts and stimulates you, and becomes a living-together existence
    • Whenever PALRO finds an elderly person, he starts talking by looking straight at their face. That appearance for gazing while talking to people is what makes him to become a lovely presence for the elderly. When it comes to performing dances during a conversation, people can't resist praising and applauding him. And unlike pets, he provides excitement to the elderly every day with its robotics way of doing.

PALRO's design has been renewed


The relax chair is available now

A PALRO dedicated relax chair is available now.
If PALRO is placed on the footrest,
he will automatically sit on the chair.
In addition, it is able to charge the battery while sitting.