Every detail on PALRO's small, cute body
has been designed with care

PALRO has been designed to be loved
by everyone

People feel like they have to protect cute, round
things to stop them from falling over, and tend
to feel an instinctive attachment to them.
PALRO has a rounded body that makes
good use of rounded and curved surfaces.
We were able to give PALRO a cute
design that people cannot help but reach
out and touch.

Rounded and curved surfaces
PALRO has been designed to be pleasing to the eye,
with as few visible joins as possible.
PALRO's body design utilizes the simple beauty of curved
The nicely textured ABS has been carefully decorated to
create a sense of warmth.
The joins between the parts that can be seen due to the
construction have also been designed to blend in where possible,
and make PALRO look even more friendly.

Stippling lens (PALRO's face)
PALRO's face has been designed so that small movements and changes
in head angle can be read easily. The LED display allows for endless
combinations of patterns and colors, and the design makes it seem like
PALRO is looking at you. People who talk to PALRO will feel like they can
read its expressions and feel its gaze.

PALRO's coloring was chosen with the aim of creating a cutting-edge look
that is still friendly and cute.
The focus was on making PALRO look clean and robot-like.
This is to eliminate preconceptions based on color and taste, and make
PALRO unintimidating.
This also helps PALRO to go well with the colors surrounding it, and to look
both friendly and luxurious.

PALRO's ingenious construction is also an important design point

PALRO's switches are found on its back
Volume* is controlled using a volume lever so as to not interrupt conversation.
The switches have been placed on PALRO's back so that they can be operated when you put your hands around it, and to maintain PALRO's friendly image.
PALRO has been designed so you can communicate with it face to face.
* Volume can also be controlled using voice commands.

Limiting actuator cable friction
Care has been taken so that the actuator cables that provide power and control signals to the actuators do not always bend, rub or get pulled in the same place when PALRO moves.
The cables have some give, and some are coiled to prevent friction when they touch other cables or parts.
Parts that are used particularly frequently have specially designed and shaped cable protectors placed on them in carefully considered positions to prevent friction.