PALRO manages itself and cares about safety
so it can spend longer having fun with you

PALRO constantly monitors and anticipates the status of its important
functions, such as power, heat, and its network.

PALRO's self-diagnosis

Every time it boots up PALRO runs diagnostics on sensor and actuator communication, free storage space, network connections, and the software function* and version so it can keep running normally. It then tells you the results, whether there is a software update, and other important news.

* If the software function becomes unstable when PALRO is running, PALRO will automatically repair and restore it as far as possible.

The batteries that power PALRO

Conserving power
PALRO creates ideal operating conditions by switching parts to
energy saving mode when they are not needed.

Battery technology
PALRO contains a battery pack with a built-in sensor.
The built-in sensor continually updates PALRO with its status,
including remaining battery charge and temperature.
PALRO decides when to charge its batteries based on this
It also acts to ensure safety based on whether it is being powered
externally, the remaining battery charge and temperature.

Considering the safety of both PALRO itself and the user

PALRO has many built-in functions that prevent it from being damaged if it falls.
When it reaches the edge of a table when walking or detects obstacles, it senses these dangers and stops.
If something makes PALRO fall over, it immediately prepares for impact to prevent damage.
It also does things to help keep users safe, like stopping them from trapping their fingers.

Cliff sensors
If the sensors on PALRO's feet detect a cliff when
walking, it immediately senses the danger and

Toe sensors
As soon as the end of PALRO's feet hit an obstacle
when walking it shifts its center of gravity to stay
balanced and stops walking.

Avoiding damage
If PALRO is subjected to excessive force and is made to fall over, it calculates its acceleration and prepares for impact.
If it falls forward it immediately puts its arms up or down to stop them from hitting the ground and being damaged.
PALRO's chest is cushioned to absorb shocks, and when it falls it lengthens its body so its chest reaches the ground first.
If it falls backwards PALRO's back protector absorbs the impact.


[Caution] PALRO's "Fall Prevention" and "Damage Prevention" programs support the safe usage of PALRO, and do not prevent falls and fall-induced damage in all circumstances. The system's capabilities are limited, and may not function fully depending on the environment and state of the floor or surface. We ask that PALRO users use PALRO safely according to the environment and floor/surface.