Superb control technology allows PALRO to use its whole body toexpress itself

PALRO can not only make friendly gestures and make you smile with its
dances, but it can also lead exercises that are beneficial to human health.

PALRO's power of expression is created through
meticulous control of each part

PALRO uses 22 actuators to create small, meticulous movements
that make it even more expressive, like the small gestures
that are particularly important when communicating,
performing songs and dances based on the time, place and
location, and walking and talking at the same time.

Complex joint movements created through demonstration experiments

We performed demonstration testing of a PALRO-led exercise program designed to improve fall prevention and cerebral function over several years in collaboration with medical and nursing care facilities.
Through this we developed a PALRO model with an additional shoulder actuator so it can lead shoulder exercises that are thought to prevent muscles from hardening in the upper body. We also developed a special "Exercise Saddle" for PALRO so it can sit down and lead exercises that prevent lower body muscles from weakening.