Watch the house

What is this ability?
PALRO will take photos of its surroundings at the designated times and send them to a registered e-mail address.

How to use
(1) Select 【E-mail】 on PALRO Fwappar and set the e-mail account that PALRO will use so that it can e-mail you the photos taken.
(2) Register an e-mail address to receive photos that are taken, the times they'll be taken and the directions. Click 【Special abilities】 on PALRO Fwappar and set from 【Watch the house】 in the list.
(3) Say, "Watch the house" to PALRO
(4) PALRO will go into standby mode when it starts watching thehouse.
(5) When the time registered at (2) approaches, PALRO will automatically exit standby mode and take photos. Once it finishes taking the photos, it goes back into standby mode again.
(6) When you want PALRO to stop watching the house, push the power button when it's in stand by mode. PALRO will exit standby mode and stop watching the house.

* Make sure to leave 15 seconds or more before pressing the power button again as it may cause a problem in the system if the power supply button is pressed repeatedly.