Play music

What is this ability?
PALRO will play music (MP3 files).
Six songs are pre-installed.
* Flying Step / PALRO Christmas / Summer Holiday / Sunny Day Step / Choo Choo Step / Technotic Step

How to use
(1) Set the play method. Click 【Specialabilities】 on PALRO Fwappar and set the playmethod from 【Play music】 in the list.
(2) Say, "Play music" to PALRO. PALRO raises its right hand and starts to play music.
(3) You can adjust the music volume with PALRO's right hand. You can make the sound louder by raising PALRO's right hand up, and quieter by putting it down.
(4) You can stop the music by putting down PALRO's right hand into the relaxed position.

* If you pick up PALRO while it's playing music, you cannot stop the music with PALRO's right hand. If you want to stop the music while you are holding PALRO, cover PALRO's camera and distance sensor with your hands.