Do a survey

What is this ability?
PALRO will carry out a survey and send the results to a USB memory or to a designated e-mail address.
The survey can have up to 10 questions.

How to use
(1) Set the survey format (theme, answer method, how the results are to be saved etc.) and the survey contents. Click 【Special abilities】 on PALRO Fwappar and set from 【Carryout a survey】 in the list.
(2) Say, "Start survey mode" to PALRO.
(3) When PALRO finds a person, it asks him/her "I am doing a survey about XX (registered survey theme). Would you kindly answer my questions?"
(4) PALRO checks if it can use the results of the survey. If you will answer the questions, say "yes". Then, PALRO starts to ask the questions. If you will not answer the questions, say "no" or "I won't".
(5) If you cannot hear PALRO's question, say "One more time" when the LED lamp on PALRO's face shows (it) is waiting for a voice order. PALRO will repeat the same question.
(6) The survey is not finished even when PALRO has asked all its questions. When PALRO finds another person, it will ask, "I am doing a survey about XX . Would you kindly answer my questions?"
(7) When you want to end the survey, once all the questions are finished, say, "End survey mode". PALRO saves the results using the method registered at (1) and ends the survey. After the survey is finished, the aggregate results saved by PALRO will be deleted.

Aggregate the results of the survey
The aggregate results of the survey will be sent in the following format.

Aggregate survey result send format (when there are 2 answer options)

Aggregate survey result send format (when there are 5 answer options)

Survey period: The time
(year/month/date/hour/minute/second) (western calendar)
when the survey started, the time
(year/month/date/hour/minute/second) (western calender)
when the survey ended.
Number of responses: Number of survey respondents
Aggregated data: Number of answers given for each option in each question.

* The survey results do not include individual names and face photos.